Powerful, highly emotional, melodic Rock and an eclectic mix of guitar and piano

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What a Week!!! 

I am simply beside myself at the reaction that "Stricken" has recieved this week.  17,000 views in just a week!  Rave reviews from all the Disturbed guys, Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, Zach Myers from Shinedown, and award-winning producer David Bendeth.  We were featured in such massive online publications as Blabbermouth, Loudwire, Noisecreep, and a few others.  I'm still working on MUCH more so any help would be appreciated.  Please continue sharing the link and tweeting it anywhere and everywhere including to potential celebs who might like it (and please check it out if you haven't yet) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lzw6qNqQknc

Many have asked for a copy of "Stricken" and some recieved it in exchange for sharing.  I pay attention to those who share publicly consistently and those people end up getting free stuff, so keep sharing.  You can now ALSO GET A COPY OF STRICKEN by purchasing my EP (either digital or physical copy) from my store THIS WEEK ONLY!  So hurry and order now: www.bendraiman.com/store

"Stricken" was produced and arranged by very good friends of mine at Reign of the Architect: http://www.reignofthearchitect.com/ Please check them out when you have a chance.  The talented Nina Vouraki plays the piano on the track (not me), arranged by Yuval Kramer, and had a special guest appearance by an equally talented violinist named Ariella Zeitlin-Hoffman.  They are ALL on facebook so if you'd like to give them the feedback they so rightfully deserve please do so. 

I am hard at work on many new things including writing material for what is likely to be a full-length album (though the release date won't be for quite a while), producing another song with Yuval and Nina, this time one of my originals, and releasing another track off the EP in the form of a music video in the months to come.  The track to be used will be "Taken for Granted".  

Please keep in touch!  And if I don't answer you immediately please understand that things have been insane and I'll do my best to get back to you! 


New Content Coming Soon! 

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New Review for "The Past is Not Far Behind" ! 

Eclectic, soul-baring, intense: Ben Draiman's The Past Is Not Far Behind EP

In a sea of music which can all too often be void of feeling and expression, it is refreshing to encounter an artist capable of uniquely expressing a multitude of human emotions. Singer/songwriter Ben Draiman pairs a candid, interesting take on a plethora of situations with fantastic songwriting one could categorize as piano-driven, alternative rock.

However, let there be no rush with the labels -- it's tough to single out people Draiman truly sounds like. Though many people may notice the last name and quickly conclude he must be a carbon copy of his brother, (Disturbed frontman David Draiman), that assumption will prove baseless rather early on while listening to this EP. The ferocity, energy and aggression of Disturbed -- though quite welcome in my library -- is a world away from this EP, as it should be. Ben Draiman's music is contemplative and somehow calming, with soaring melodies and absolutely addictive choruses.

A perfect introduction to Draiman's sound comes in the form of EP opener "Soon Enough", a driving, solid rock song with a contagious sense of determination and hope. Draiman's light vocal intonations in the introduction give way to a towering chorus. Unbelievable hit potential is scrawled all over this one, and the lyrics are powerful throughout: "A strange thing happened on the way to salvation / Out of all the madness came a startling revelation / Sometimes wrong is the way it’s meant to be/ And now I’m so thankful that I know the way things stand."

Equal parts melancholic and invigorating, the dynamic "Avalanche" effortlessly combines melodic textures with occasional crunchy guitars, while Draiman offers another tremendously moving vocal performance. The song fades away eloquently with a few haunting strikes of the piano. Then arrives what is perhaps the most promising moment of The Past Is Not Far Behind, "21 Seconds", a goosebump-inducing, poignant tune in which Draiman wistfully laments, "Took 21 seconds to lose you." The words are simple yet striking.

The Past Is Not Far Behind has remarkable balance in the spectrum of feelings. "Would You Know Love" has a pleasant easygoing flow, while "Overcome" possesses a stunning, indescribable darkness ("She speaks no truth, but she tells no lies" is one particularly memorable line). "Taken for Granted" closes the EP in empowering, fantastic form, where Draiman showcases a truly versatile vocal range. His cries of "Never mind the darkness when there's something worth believing" will surely resonate in listeners' minds for a long while to come.

If bands like Daughtry, The Fray or Kings of Leon impress you with their catchy hooks, yet leave you desiring something with a bit more sophistication, variety, depth and intensity, it's likely Ben Draiman's eclectic music will strike a chord with you. Once again, it's not always easy to provide specific comparisons, particularly because Draiman is, in fact, unique; having said that, though, I could easily envision a good handful of these songs appealing to a broad audience and catching on as popular hits. I truly recommend The Past Is Not Far Behind to those who strongly feel music and who are seeking highly emotive songs charged by the highs and lows of the complete scope of emotions and experiences.

Sheila Esmaili-Doki, Sherman Music Examiner

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