Following the success of his solo project released in 2012, which included world-wide radio rotation, TV spots, and extensive touring in the U.S. and Europe, Ben Draiman teamed up with veteran producer, Raz Klinghoffer in the summer of 2013 and began recording one of his most ambitious projects to date.  Bringing his signature clean and emotionally charged vocals to Kilnghoffer's wall of epic guitar-based sound Draiman, younger brother of David Draiman of "Disturbed", departs significantly from his previous ballad piano-rich material.  The album explores various themes in the interpersonal, existential, and even political realms combining elements from many genres including Industrial Electronica, Blues, Rock, and even touches of country.  Diversity as well as magentic and highly melodic hooks are replete throughout the album, but what Draiman points to as the cornerstone of the entire project is the incredible chemistry between Klinghoffer and himself and his insistence on producing music not aimed at any single audience.

In a recent interview Ben was quoted as saying: “The personal nature of my songwriting is something that at this stage distinguishes me from others. It all depends on the place from where the music comes from, and for me, it’s still utterly pure – I have no audience in mind and no market in mind. It’s a personal therapeutic experience for me and ultimately, I think that’s what people can relate to. You don’t need to be the best singer or piano player, but when you give something else, when you mean every word of what you sing, that can be even more important.”

His music's unique intensely emotional and authentic style has set him apart from many other artists and has continued to draw larger audiences over the years all across the age demographic. His single "Soon Enough" which was released in 2011 in anticipation of his 6-Track EP, released this year, garnered considerable worldwide interest, making it onto several online blogs and magazines, and was on regular rotation on 94X in British Columbia, placing number 91 of the top 94 songs of 2011, It has also been featured several times on Rock 108 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and has been on quite a few local stations and online stations.

On October 10th. 2013 he released a cover of "Stricken", the popular single from the Hard Rock group "Disturbed", via Youtube.  It went viral, generating over 20,000 views in the first 2 weeks alone and making it onto some of the most prominent online magazines in the industry including Loudwire, Blabbermouth, Rock Revolt, and Altsounds.  Reviews replete with praise came from such notable people in the music industry as Lzzy Hale from Halestorm, multi-platinum award-winning producer David Bendeth, and many others.  But without question the best praise came from Disturbed fans themselves, many of which expressed preferring it to the original.  Perhaps the most poignant came from one from who said: "I never thought a Disturbed song could make me cry". 

“Is having a famous brother in the same field you’re trying to crack into a blessing or a curse? For Jerusalem-based piano-playing singer-songwriter Ben Draiman, whose older sibling David sells out arenas as vocalist of American hard rock bastion Disturbed, it’s neither – not a cushy “in” to the increasingly stingy music business nor a pervasive shadow that suppresses his every musical move. Drawing from musical influences growing up a child of the 80s in Chicago, like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Bon Jovi, Draiman has developed a knack of combining magnetic melodies and crunching arena rock choruses that accentuate the interplay between guitar and piano. He describes his music as exploring the common denominators of Evanescence’s heaviness and Coldplay’s prettiness. And his lyrics are straight from the heart, and so personal they prevented him from seeking to play his songs in public for many years.”

— David Brinn, The Jerusalem Post


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